Ella has been a core part of the team since joining in 2009, and has an excellent knowledge of most areas of the company. In her current role as Account Director, she manages many of our relationships with partners, working with them to develop our portfolio of online and physical products. She is also a deft project manager, managing work-flow across a wide range of projects, and is currently overseeing the delivery of our healthy fast food work with the support of Sean.

Ella works closely with Tori around comms, helping to shape and share content that clearly communicates the work of Shift and its various products.

Ella holds a BA Hons in Social and Cultural Studies with Film Studies from Nottingham University and has a background in project management for design agencies.

She is known for her awesome laugh and ability to whip up a themed Spotify playlist for any occasion.

+44 (0) 20 7148 7665

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