Umesh (uMe) Pandya is our Digital Design Director. He works closely with our clients, product and venture teams to create, test and deliver digital products and strategies that help solve social problems.

Driven by using design and technology to solve problems that matter, he has been working as a practitioner in the digital sector for over 17 years, conceiving and launching inclusive, human centred, digital products, services and ventures.

Before joining Shift, Umesh worked at ustwo and co-founded Wayfindr, an award-winning, pioneering tech for good not-for-profit that empowers vision impaired people to navigate the world independently. Umesh also led the product development of a couple of well-received FinTech products that improved the banking experience for older people and people with physical and/or cognitive impairments. For many, this was the first time they were able to access their own money independently.

Outside of Shift and when not hanging out with his children (probably the best joint-venture he has been involved in creating), he loves to indulge in rum, reggae, pizza and dark chocolate.

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