Making exposure therapy more engaging to young people with anxiety

I’ve been particularly impressed with how Shift have embraced the research literature and taken a genuine collaborative approach, working in a systematic and thorough way. They are passionate about involving the end users throughout the process, to ensure that their products meet the needs and wants of those who will use them.

Claire Hill, Clinical Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Clinical Psychologist, University of Reading

The Problem

Exposure therapy is an effective treatment for anxiety. However, young people being treated are often not motivated to do the at-home exercises required and therefore don’t get the full benefit of the treatment.


An immersive game that motivates young people to face situations that they fear and teaches them coping strategies.

So far…

  • Funded feasibility study underway, including consultation with anxiety experts, immersive gaming experts, therapists, parents and young people
  • Developing a tested product concept


Key aspects of CBT and gamification to treat children with anxiety

April 3, 2018

A literature review and expert consultation into the key aspects of childhood anxiety, CBT and gamification.





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