Innovating to improve the impact of the National Citizen Service programme

The Problem

NCS runs a 4-week programme to 300,000 young people, delivered by a diverse network of youth organisations. This model enables the programme to adapt to local needs, but throws up challenges around consistency of experience and quality of provision. We identified two core elements of the programme to be redesigned – Guided Reflection and Social Action.

So far…

  • A redeveloped Theory of Change for the whole programme, which provides the basis for aligning the aims of providers across the delivery network.
  • The design of engaging toolkits to help leaders run effective, engaging and consistent Guided Reflection and Social Action sessions.
  • Skill sharing and mentorship to build the capacity for ongoing improvement within the NCS Trust and delivery network.

Some Stats & Facts

  • Revised Theory of Change shared with 100+ NCS providers
  • 20+ people from across the NCS network participated in co-creation workshops and 100+ NCS providers educated on Shift’s design methodology
  • 200+ young people, team leaders and local delivery partners involved in the development and testing of the Guided Reflection and Social Action kits
  • 100% of team leaders enjoyed using the Guided Reflection kit and 75%  thought it helped the young people deepen their reflection skills
  • 80% of young people found the new model of Social Action engaging, compared to 57% in the control group





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