Supporting the emotional development of vulnerable children in care institutions

The Problem

There are around 8 million children in care institutions worldwide who are at high risk of social, emotional and developmental problems. Whole Child International (WCI) have created an approach for care institutions that focuses on improving the quality of the caregiver-child relationship to support children’s emotional development. They now want to reach more children by diversifying the settings and countries in which it is available.

The Solution

The adaption, codification and packaging of the WCI approach, so that it can be replicated in diverse settings.

So far…

  • 8500+ children in 363 orphanages and early-childhood centres reached by the WCI programme in El Salvador, WCI’s current key territory
  • Completed in-country fieldwork in El Salvador, speaking to WCI staff, care-givers, supervisors, government officials and observing the WCI model in action.
  • Consultation underway with care-givers, trainers, government officials, university lecturers advisors, WCI staff and young people in care





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