Gaming that responds to players' emotions & rewards those who can master them

The BfB Labs is a new social venture created by Shift that builds engaging and effective mobile health interventions, using our proprietary biofeedback technology

BfB Lab’s first product is a fun and competitive mobile game, Champions of the Shengha. Players unleash their magical power, channelled via their Magic Transmitter to win duels against their friends. The better players can stay calm under pressure the better their chances of being crowned champion. The game effectively train players in key aspects of emotional control, building resilience and promoting wellbeing.

The need

“We need healthy, creative and resilient children who know how to maintain wellbeing and can manage stress, judge risks and embrace failure as part of the learning process. It’s essential that we find ways of engaging young people with their technologies in order to do this.”

Charlotte Berry, Deputy Head Teacher, The Billericay School

Half of common mental health disorders in the UK start by the age of 14 and ultimately affect 1 in 4 people at some point in their lives. By teaching young people the skills to regulate their emotions, you can increase their well-being which protects against the development of mental health problems.

“When I’m in an argument I don’t feel right, I sometimes feel like I’m in a different planet, on a different world. When I did breathing I’d learnt in the game, I calmed down, came back to earth

Student, 15


Over the last three years, the BfB Labs team has run 5 trials with groups of between 10 and 90 young players aged 10-15, which have demonstrated that our games effectively train players to manage their emotional state through diaphragmatic breathing. Findings from the largest trial run in early 2016 include:

  • Players spent on average 26 minutes per play session focusing on breathing
  • Over 4 in 5 participants were able to reliably double their heart rate variability, spending 40% of focused breathing time over this threshold
  • 3 in 4 reported getting better at staying calm and focused within the game
  • 1 in 4 reported they had already started applying these techniques outside of the game by the end of the trial
  • 2 in 3 participants would recommend the game to a friend


BfB Labs Trial Summary

September 26, 2016

An evaluation report describing the results of the five trials of Shift’s emotionally responsive biofeedback video game, conducted to investigate the effectiveness of the game in training emotional regulation skills through regulated diaphragmatic breathing, as well as measure levels of enjoyment and stickiness.

Building Resilience through Emotionally Responsive Gaming: Findings from a biofeedback video game RCT

September 21, 2016

An evaluation report describing the results of a randomised control trial run with 290 young people in The Billericay School, Essex.

Building Resilience through Emotionally Responsive Gaming: Findings from a biofeedback video game trial at St Angela’s Ursuline School

September 20, 2016

An evaluation report describing a trial with 30 girls at St Angela’s Ursuline secondary School, Newham, East London.

Kathleen Collett and Naomi Stoll

Playing with emotions

December 1, 2015

An evaluation report describing the results of a test of BfB’s biofeedback video game with two primary schools in Hackney, London.

Harnessing the power of games to improve wellbeing

March 20, 2015

An evaluation report describing the results of the first test of BfB’s biofeedback video game, which uses the player’s heart rate to reward players for staying calm under pressure.

Harnessing the power of games to improve wellbeing

March 18, 2015

An evaluation report describing the results of the first test of Shift’s biofeedback video game, which uses the player’s heart rate to reward players for staying calm under pressure.
Kathleen Collett and Naomi Stoll



Video games and wellbeing

March 1, 2014

Exploring the role and impact of video games in young people’s lives, and how video games and biofeedback can be combined in wellbeing interventions.
Kathleen Collett and Naomi Stoll

Promoting wellbeing: A practical way to improve public mental health

February 2, 2014

Outlining the scale and impact of mental health, who is most at risk, and the argument for focusing on wellbeing
Kathleen Collett


Survey of products and services which promote wellbeing

February 1, 2014

Evidence for interventions to improve wellbeing (mindfulness, gratitudes, awe and optimism) and examples of products and services which facilitate these.
Kathleen Collett and Tayo Medupin


Technology and Behaviour Change

Recently, hundreds of people gathered in London for a Tech for Good meet up to discuss how new technology and products can change behaviour.

How do these products and services work? Can they really encourage people to ‘be better’ long-term or do you need to change the system and society in other ways? ‘Who’ decides what’s better anyway? And when does behaviour change become coercion or something more controlling?

Tech for Good TV explore this in their latest podcast, featuring our Research and Evaluation Director Kathleen Collett, supported by Bethnal Green Ventures and Nominet Trust.

View here



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c2vAn international research agency with specialisms in gaming and digital research. 2CV have been involved in game testing and evaluation, bringing the rigorous games research used by larger game manufacturers to the project.


Billericay School, Essex - ­ The initial prototype of the video game is being tested with 60 13 year olds at the Billericay School over a six week period

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